Monday, July 17, 2006

Book Log of a Halo ODST: Day 2: Part 1

Day 2 Pt. I

Time: 3:53:54
Date: 8/10/2555
Location: Russia, Hospital Underground Bunker, Surrounded By Covenant

I woke up to the shockwave of a Covenant Cruiser, crashing into the ground. And also it was from a nightmare. I dreamed that I was on one side of a room, my family on the other. I could run, sprint, jump, and walk, but the more I ran, the farther they went away. The war must have gotten to my mind. When I was up, I notice a small TV. It was very old, and had gray streams going down the screen. One top of the Television, There was an old, old old VCR and a tape in it. It was called "The Matrix". Good thing I could speak Russian and understand it too. Very good movie. Hard to understand, but very cool. Even at 3 o'clock, they're still fighting. Human's always have the upper hand at night because the marines know where everything is, like when somone is injured, they can find the injured easily. At night, it is hard to see everything, so the Covenant has a disadvantage. But when they get used to it, finding their way will be easily. Only a matter of minutes till they come.