Monday, January 30, 2006

Book Log of a Halo ODST: Day 1: 3rd post

Day 1 Pt. III

Time: 7:24:36
Date: 8/9/2555
Location: Russia, hospital underground bunker, surrounded by Covenant

That nap was great. My arm still hurts alot though. Those medications are making me dizzy. I'm glad this "Tylenol" still works after so many years. I've heard a "Spartan" is come to send everyone out of here. Not long ago(about 3 years), the SPARTAN project came about. The 2nd project, that is. Brand new spartans from the SPARTAN-III project were revealed about a couple of months ago. Starting with 189, only 47 spartans survived the implants and enhancers. After all the battles, now only 33 are still standing, 6 are dead, 5 wounded, and 3 criticaly wounded. ONI(the Office of Naval Intelligence) has sent 7 spartans. They won't arrive until morning. 4:30 that is. I'm so dizzy, I can barely write....


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