Monday, July 17, 2006

Book Log of a Halo ODST: Day 2: Part 1

Day 2 Pt. I

Time: 3:53:54
Date: 8/10/2555
Location: Russia, Hospital Underground Bunker, Surrounded By Covenant

I woke up to the shockwave of a Covenant Cruiser, crashing into the ground. And also it was from a nightmare. I dreamed that I was on one side of a room, my family on the other. I could run, sprint, jump, and walk, but the more I ran, the farther they went away. The war must have gotten to my mind. When I was up, I notice a small TV. It was very old, and had gray streams going down the screen. One top of the Television, There was an old, old old VCR and a tape in it. It was called "The Matrix". Good thing I could speak Russian and understand it too. Very good movie. Hard to understand, but very cool. Even at 3 o'clock, they're still fighting. Human's always have the upper hand at night because the marines know where everything is, like when somone is injured, they can find the injured easily. At night, it is hard to see everything, so the Covenant has a disadvantage. But when they get used to it, finding their way will be easily. Only a matter of minutes till they come.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday, January 30, 2006

Book Log of a Halo ODST: Day 1: 3rd post

Day 1 Pt. III

Time: 7:24:36
Date: 8/9/2555
Location: Russia, hospital underground bunker, surrounded by Covenant

That nap was great. My arm still hurts alot though. Those medications are making me dizzy. I'm glad this "Tylenol" still works after so many years. I've heard a "Spartan" is come to send everyone out of here. Not long ago(about 3 years), the SPARTAN project came about. The 2nd project, that is. Brand new spartans from the SPARTAN-III project were revealed about a couple of months ago. Starting with 189, only 47 spartans survived the implants and enhancers. After all the battles, now only 33 are still standing, 6 are dead, 5 wounded, and 3 criticaly wounded. ONI(the Office of Naval Intelligence) has sent 7 spartans. They won't arrive until morning. 4:30 that is. I'm so dizzy, I can barely write....

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Book Log of a Halo ODST: Day 1: 2nd post

Day 1: Pt.II

Time: 3:17:23
Date: 8/9/2552
Location: Russia, hospital underground bunker, surrounded by Covenant

It's now been 43 hours stuck in this bunker. Down here it's so quiet, the only thing you can hear is underground mines blowing off once in a while. My arm was pracitally blown off during battle. I could see my bone sticking out. Beeing shot with a needler was not the best thing to happen. They stuck so much bio foam in my arm it felt like a stuffed teddy bear. The bleeding stopped not to long ago. Most likely about 5 minutes ago. For those of you who don't know(If anyone is to find this log book), a needler is a covenant weapon. This weapon is shaped like a V sideways. It shoots purple/pink homing projectiles. When shot with these pink projectiles, you think it hurt. Not exactly as it explodes 3 seconds later. They say I may have to stay down here for 8 weeks, 3 if they could find an expert scientist on burns and radition. I have prayed my roseary 4 times that they could find a expert. The computers down here are about 438 years old. Even if they find a expert, he would have to take a convoy here. While I was out there I saw thousands of covenant cruisers and capitol ships. No way would he live.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Book Log of a Halo ODST: 1st Post

Day 1

Time: 2:57:05
Date: 8/9/2552
Location: Russia, base surrounded by covenant

We've been trapped down in this bunker for over 42 hours. I'm so tired I can barely hold my pen. My ears have been blown out several times. I can't even hear anymore. We have to switch each hour of guarding the base. When I joined, I didn't think it would be like this. If your bleeding, make sure it's not serious. We are running out of supplies and most of it is medical. I'm writing this in my bible, for I have nothing else to write in. I hold my roseary in my hand, while my assault rifle is off to my left. I see smoke and plasma through the bars. Well, it's my turn to protect the bunker. God help me.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

A long, long time ago, a explorer named Cortez found the Land of the Aztecs, know today as Mexico. The Aztecs tried to make friends with Cortez, but to no avail. Cortez and his men slaughtered the Aztecs and claimed the gold for themselves. He found a lot of gold necklaces, 182 to be exact. He placed a curse on them. For whoever took....

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

MY Ninja Wizards

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Spartan 187: Kelly Chapter 1: Part I

Kelly woke up out of the Cryotube. As she climbed out, she felt the Freezer burn crawl down her spine. She woke up to see Dr. Hasley, standing right in front of her. Dr. Hasley's hair was a gray-going-on-white. Kelly Remembered how see looked long ago, while she was still training
"Welcome back Kelly."
"Dr. Hasely, I thought I had a another hour in the Cryo."
"I woke you for a reason," Dr. Hasley said. "I need a favor. I want you to take this parcel to the Training Area. Issac needs it."
" Yes Ma'am."
Kelly took the Parcel from Dr. Hasley's wrinkled hand. She entered the Hallway, thinking of what happened to Issac. Did he pass out? Was he mortally wounded? She would only know if she went down there herself. As she pasted the Armory, the Marines could not help staring at the Titanum-A Armor Monster. With one swing of her arm, she could damage organs. When she past the Armory, she had a small smirk.
No one was in the hallway. She set a timer for 2 seconds. The Hallway was about 30 yards long. She started the timer and sprinted.
As she was 3/4 of the way there, a huge explosion of Fire and Plasma went off. Her shields were drained. Out of the hole came 2 Grunts, 2 Jackals, and 1 Elite. They shot their Plasma Weapons at the Spartan but to no avail. When in the 2nd hallway more explosions went off, blocking her path. The only way she could survive was to take a detour. While she was running, her shields recharged slowly.
More explosions and more Covenant came pouring in, while even more possible passage ways were blocked. She found the body of a dead Marine while running down the corridor. She took his Dogtags and the Shotgun and Ammo. She had 15 shots. She was almost to the Training Area. Just as she was down the last corridor, an explosion went off right in front of her, knocking her out.